We organize our own events under two different brand names. These adventures are organized for different markets and countries. Both of them are road trips through Europe but each with a distinctive character. Carbage run was launched in 2008 and the first event was held in 2009. This concept has grown rapidly in recent years and has been rolled out into several different countries/markets. Ramble Rally was added a few years ago, to reach a broader market.


Carbage run is the ultimate road trip through Europe in a car that cannot cost more than 500 Euros. This 5-day event has several different editions and is available in different countries. This rally is not about speed and/or time, this event is all about cars, adventure, driving, and fun! The routes are different each year and each edition. Camping is the main choice of spending the night during this road trip. Therefore, we build our own campsites every night to accommodate participants.

Launched in: 2008
First event in: 2009
Available in: 
  • Benelux
  • Scandinavia
  • Germany
  • Summer edition
  • Winter edition
  • Moped edition
Editions organized:          
(since 2009)
 Maximum size:  600 cars
(appr. 1.900 people)
Website: www.carbagerun.com
Youtube channel: Carbage run YouTube channel
Flickr photos: Carbage run Photostream

Ramble Rally is a 5-day trip through Europe but nobody knows where. The destination is unknown, even the route is a secret. But participants are guaranteed to drive the most spectacular roads and visit places they never heard of. All cars are allowed and hotel overnights are included.

Launched in: 2014
First event in: 2015
Available in: 
  • Benelux
  • Spring edition
  • Autumn edition
Editions organized:          
(since 2015)
Maximum size: 100 cars
(200 people)
Website: www.ramblerally.nl
Youtube channel: Ramble Rally YouTube channel
Flickr photos: Ramble Rally Photostream


Most of our events are sold out within minutes and have waiting lists.

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